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Hunyadi Castle

Hello Romania!


According to tradition, we would usually have offered you bread and salt. But for now, we will start simply by saying, “ Welcome to Romania!” So whether you are looking for adventure, diversity, history, or tradition, you will always feel welcome in Romania.

Be prepared to visit legendary destinations, explore medieval fortresses, wander streets that have witnessed the unfolding of history, knock at the gates of castles, and discover monasteries founded by medieval princes and frescoed from top to bottom by gifted artists of centuries ago.

All of these are here because Romania is unique in Europe. Our country boasts the beautiful Carpathian Mountains with still-wild areas and virgin forests, the rich and forever young Danube Delta, as well as fast-moving rivers and mysterious caves.

People enrich these natural treasures with traditions still well kept and with their warm personality. Most of them part of UNESCO Heritage, the cultural sites represent the testament of a unique history with a strong Latin background joined by a colorful legacy from other European and Asian cultures.

Hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania

So, situated at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, Romania has survived a multiplicity of influences throughout the ages. This is why to understand the country and its people better; it is important to look closely into their past.

Being carved into several small countries under foreign occupation and domination, the Romanians have always had to fight for their freedom.

The national cultural identity in these separate countries was “flavored” by Ottoman influences and Hungarian or Slavonic. Transylvania, Moldova, Wallachia, Oltenia, Maramures, and Bucovina are some of the historical provinces under foreign occupation in the past, boasting a picturesque diversity of cultures nowadays.

For the first time, most of those who come to Romania starting with Bucharest, Romania’s capital city. But as mentioned above, the other options are rich and many.

Wallachia and Oltenia are famous thanks to their local traditions and the smart, ambitious, and humorous people living there. At the opposite end of the country lies Maramures, a deeply rural area considered heaven on earth to preserve old Romanian traditions. The monumental wooden gates and tall wooden churches (UNESCO Heritage) are only a small part of what Maramures really means. This province is one reason why the saying “Romania starts where the asphalt ends” was born.

Of course, we couldn’t have finished the list without mentioning Transylvania, the “country beyond the forest.” Time has been gentle here with the people and the cities. You can admire romantic castles and mansions lost in rural areas; you can visit medieval citadels and cities, explore natural treasures, and discover the hardworking and creative multi-ethnic population. Thanks to the mystery surrounding Transylvania and its wild landscapes, Bram Stoker chose this place as a home for his most famous character, Count Dracula. So before visiting his castle, you might want to consider having some garlic with you as a must-have fashion accessory.

Beyond the traditional lifestyle still well maintained by Romanians, the winds of change have also begun to blow in this Eastern country. The 42 years of Communist isolation left a deep mark, not only on the cities but also in people’s lives. The Western model of development is increasingly adopted, mostly by young people. You can see that in the large cities, but also even in small villages.

All in all, Romania remains a country of fascinating contrasts with a very diverse background and an important cultural legacy. We invite you now to discover unspoiled Romania, passing through every historical province, tasting the local food and drink, and learning the unique story of the people living here.

Prepare to be amazed!

Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest

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