Authentic Bucharest Tour

Bucharest Authentic Tour – 6 hours

Maximum 6 persons per group

The Authentic Bucharest Tour allows you to discover the real face of the city with a group of up to six tourists. The tour aims to make you feel you are a local who wanders the streets of an exciting city. You are going to enjoy a ride on the subway and tramway. You’ll discover several hidden places where you’ll be the only foreigner. The most beautiful and expensive part of the city is also included in the tour. You will take a long stroll along the city's small streets and beautiful parks and admire the contrasts of Bucharest. Of course, some of the city's most famous sites will also be included. Not to mention the experience of the local cuisine.

Tour: shared, cultural

Walking distance: 10km / 6.2mi

City: Bucharest

This tour operates all year round. It starts at 9 AM at University Square, right next to the statue of Mihai Viteazu

€25 person

Highlights of the tour:

Unique Experiences

  • Public Transportation
  • Street food experience
  • Interaction with local farmers
  • Always small group
  • Friendly and relaxed guiding 

Tourist Attractions

  • Obor Market
  • The Village Museum
  • The Old Town
  • Revolution Square
  • The Romanian Athenaeum

Bucharest Authentic Tour

The Authentic Tour of Bucharest starts at 9 AM in University Square, right by the Mihai Viteazu statue (the man riding the horse). You’ll meet your tour guide, be presented with details about the tour, and head off to the metro. Inaugurated in the last part of the ‘70s, the subway’s history is very connected to Ceaușescu, the former communist dictator. It will be a  perfect occasion to observe the commuters' daily life and learn more about the history of communism.

After the subway ride, you’ll take a pleasant walk through the largest park in Bucharest and visit the Village Museum, one of the best outdoor museums in Romania. The museum boasts several traditional houses from all over Romania. It’s the perfect setting for a short history of the country.

The tour continues with a nice walk through Bucharest's most beautiful and expensive neighborhood. We will show you some exquisite houses and different architectural styles. We will let you know the history of some of them.

We will get the subway again. This time we’ll show you the largest farmers’ market in Bucharest and Romania. Mentioned for the first time in the 17th century as a cattle market, this site was far from the city. The growing city surrounded the market over time. Today, it's the right spot to observe the place where the locals come to buy their fresh products. Interact with the local farmers and taste some of the fruits, vegetables, and cheese displayed in the market. Before leaving the Obor market, you can eat the local mici and drink a local beer. Mici, a skinless sausage made of minced pork and beef meat, represents one of the most traditional meals in Romania.

The tour of Bucharest continues with a new experience, a tramway ride. Next, we will take you to the old town for a tour of the oldest part of the city. Here you’ll discover more about Dracula, known by the locals as Vlad the Impaler (Vlad Țepeș), visit Stavropoleos church, our favorite church in Bucharest, Lipscani street, Carusel book shop with its stunning architecture, and many more.

In the last part of the walking tour, you’ll enjoy a stroll along Victoriei Avenue. It is one of the oldest boulevards in Bucharest, full of historical sites and witnessing many important historical events. You’ll admire the Military Club, the former Royal Palace, and the Romanian Athenaeum. Finally, in Revolution Square, we will tell you the story of the anti-communist revolution from 1989 when Ceaușescu and his wife were killed.

The tour ends in front of the Romanian Atheneum, the city icon. Depending on availability, you can visit the concert hall, with an impressive long freeze and a beautiful foyer.

End of the tour


€25 per person


  • English-speaking tour guide

Not Included:

  • Entrance fees (about 8 euros)
  • Public transportation tickets (2 euros)
  • Meal (10 euros)
  • Tips

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