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1-day hiking tours from Bucharest

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If you are in Bucharest and you have a freed day then book our one-day hiking tour in the Carpathian Mountains. In less than 3 hours you’ll reach the mountains and you’ll be ready to enjoy the superb landscape of the Carpathians. Our one-day hiking tours take in consideration your experience and you can book the one which fits you the most.

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Type: private tour, hiking tour
Driving distance: 350km / 217mi
Mountains: Carpathian Mountains
Accommodation: N/A


Group of 2-3 persons – €132/person

Group of 4-8 persons – €74/person


Depending on your own skill and experience, you can book a one-day hiking tour departing from Bucharest. The easiest tour starts with Class One, which means there is no danger regarding the terrain. Class Two refers to those trails where you’ll have to use your hands for balance, step over some boulders, and you might face some minimal risk, meaning that you’ll climb steeper slopes without protection from falling. We will never take a higher class than Class Three. This means that you might cross serious scree areas and some big boulders. You’ll have to use your hands to maintain your balance on heavy exposed slopes. It doesn’t involve ropes unless they are already pinned to rocks for increased safety.

The Meadows of the Carpathians

Difficulty: Class 1
Hiking time: maximum 4 hours
Bucegi Mountains

Carpathian Mountains

You’ll leave Bucharest at 8am. In about 2 hours 30 minutes you’ll reach the Carpathian Mountains. You’ll stop in front of the Gura Diham chalet (987m/3238ft) and then you’ll hike towards the chalet of Poiana Izvoarelor (1455m/4774ft). Most of the time the trail, which is well marked, passes through the forest. But despite that, you’ll still enjoy some great views of the craggy slopes of the mountains. In a little under an hour, you’ll reach the meadow of Poiana Izvoarelor. You’ll take a break while you admire the stunning view of the impressive Carpathians.

Further on you’ll continue the hike on the gentle slopes of the mountains for about 40-50 minutes. You’ll stop for the lunch at the Diham Chalet (1320m/4331ft). From here you’ll start the descent. In no more than 1 hour 30 minutes you’ll be back at Gura Diham and from here you’ll return to Bucharest by car.

The 7 Stairs Canyon

Difficulty: Class 2
Hiking time: maximum 6h30min
7 Stairs Canyon

7 Stairs Canyon

You’ll leave Bucharest at 7:30am. In about 2 hours and 45 minutes you’ll reach the Carpathian Mountains. Today you’ll hike on Big Stone Mountain. The hiking tour starts in front of the Dambul Morii (700m/2296ft) chalet and continues gently along a beautiful valley crossed by a small river. In about 50 minutes you’ll be in front of the impressive Seven Stairs Canyon.  Formed by water coursing through the rocks in the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, the canyon is 160m/525ft and 58m/190ft high. It consists of 7 levels which measure between 3m/9ft and 15m/49ft. Metal staircases, always flanked by waterfalls, were built in order to ease the climbing. No special gear is necessary, but climbers will need to take special care during the ascent of the canyon.

Further on, the hiking tour continues through the forest and will reach the high meadows of Big Stone Mountain. You’ll take a break for lunch at the Piatra Mare chalet (1630m/5348ft). After that you’ll go back by car, taking a different route which, for a short period, goes along the ridge before  descending into the forest. Once back at the foot of the mountain, you’ll be transferred back to Bucharest.

The Road to the Sphinx

Difficulty: Class 3
Hiking time: maximum 7h30min

You’ll leave Bucharest at 6:30am. In about 2 hours 30 minutes you’ll reach the Carpathian Mountains. Today you’ll hike in the Bucegi Mountains. Considered to be some of the most beautiful mountains in Romania, the Bucegi Mountains never fail to impress every traveler with their sheer and craggy cliffs.

The Sphinx, The Carpathian Mountains

The Sphinx, The Carpathian Mountains

The cable car from Busteni* is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Europe. Built in 1978 with the help of an Italian company, the 15-minute cable car ride offers stunning views over the high cliffs of the Bucegi Mountains. The cable car, which is the longest in Romania and the third longest in Europe, takes you to the top of the mountain. Once on the alpine plateau (2206m/7237ft), you’ll take a short hike to several rock formations shaped by the wind, rain, and ice into the shape of a group of old ladies and also of a Sphinx. Further on, the hiking tour continues for almost an hour toward the Heroes’ Cross (2291m/7516ft). From here you’ll admire the highest cross in the world built at this altitude and you’ll enjoy the most beautiful view in all of Romania.

Then the hiking trail stays on the plateau for the next 2 hours until it reaches Omu Peak (2505m/8218ft), the highest point of the Bucegi Mountains. You’ll take a break and then descend back to Busteni , a hike of about 4 hours. In the evening, you’ll return to Bucharest by car.

*The ticket for the cable car is not included in the tariff (about 10€/person)



  • Transport by modern car
  • Licensed English-speaking tour guide/driver

Not Included

  • Travel insurance
  • Meals
  • Personal expenses