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Shared Tours in Romania

Enjoy traveling with others in groups for up to 7 persons

Authentic Bucharest Tour

Bucharest Evening Tour - 2 hours

Bucharest Evening Tour is a small group walking tour of Bucharest's most important tourist attractions. In only 2 hours, you will get a sincere and interesting introduction to the history of Bucharest and the transformations it underwent throughout the centuries. You will enjoy a pleasant stroll along the city’s famous boulevards and admire the beautiful buildings, thanks to which Bucharest became known as the Little Paris of the EastIn the old town, you will learn about the beginning of the city’s history and discover some important tourist attractions and hidden gems. In the last part of the tour, you will understand how the communist regime changed the form and look of Bucharest in an abusive and brutal manner. Also, your tour guide will offer helpful information about good restaurants, bars, public transportation, exciting museums, or travel experiences you could include in your stay in Bucharest.

Authentic Bucharest Tour

Authentic Bucharest Tour - 7 hours

The Authentic Bucharest Tour allows you to discover the real face of the city with a group of up to five tourists. The tour aims to make you feel you are a local who wanders the streets of an exciting city. You are going to enjoy a ride on the subway and tramway. You’ll discover several hidden places where you’ll be the only foreigner. The most beautiful and expensive part of the city is also included in the tour. You will take a long stroll along the city's small streets and beautiful parks and admire the contrasts of Bucharest. Of course, some of the city's most famous sites will also be included. Not to mention the experience of the local cuisine.

Treasures of Romania Tour Map

Treasures of Romania Tour– 9 days

Treasures of Romania Tour is designed for those who want to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Romania but don’t have enough time for a longer vacation. In just 9 days, this shared tour of Romania will give the chance of visiting cities like Bucharest or Cluj Napoca, medieval citadels of Transylvania such as Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov, rural areas from Maramures and Bucovina, Hungarian villages, the castles of Bran or Peles, UNESCO sites and many others.

Treasures of Romania and Hungary Tour Map

Treasures of Romania and Hungary Tour – 10 days

“Treasures of Romania and Hungary Tour” takes you in just 10 days to two of the most beautiful Eastern European countries: Romania and Hungary. It starts in the vivid city of Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, then it crosses the Carpathian Mountains into the exotic Transylvania, where you’ll discover forgotten villages, well-preserved medieval towns, and old legends. On the way, you’ll experience the rural life of Maramures, while in Hungary you’ll discover famous wine areas, admire the Baroque town of Eger and the magnificent city of Budapest.

Dracula Tour Map

Dracula Tour - 10 days

The Dracula Tour follows the history and the legends about Dracula, the infamous character of Bram Stoker. The tour starts in Bucharest, a city first mentioned in a written document by Dracula himself. On the way to Transylvania, you’ll reach the real fortress of Vlad the Impaler and then, passing through Sibiu, you’ll visit many other places related to him such as the Corvin Castle, the medieval town of Sighisoara, his birthplace, the Borgo Pass or the Bran Castle, the most visited tourist attraction of Romania.

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria Map

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria Tour – 11 days

"Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria Tour" takes you in just 11 days to two important countries of the Balkans. Romania and Bulgaria share many similarities but at the same time have their unique traits. During this tour, you can discover two capitals, Bucharest and Sofia, two different languages, great historical regions such as Transylvania or Maramures, beautiful medieval cities such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Veliko Tarnovo or Plovdiv, and many other famous tourist landmarks.

Best Countryside Tour Map

Romania Countryside Tour – 12 days

Bucharest is located just 55km north of the Bulgarian border. Then why not adventure yourself into Bulgaria for a day? Start in the morning, pass by the city of Ruse and stop at Ivanovo for the rock-hewn churches, a stunning UNESCO sight. Continue with Veliko Tarnovo, the former medieval capital of Bulgaria, today one of Bulgaria's most important tourist destinations. Before departure, take a short stroll on the streets of Arbanasi, a traditional Bulgarian village.

Romania Photo Tour Map

Romania Photo Tour – 14 days

Romania Photo Tour tries to cover as many photo fields as possible. It will take you through famous tourist landmarks of Romania such as Peles and Bran castles, but it will also take you to remote villages where tourists are rarely seen. You’ll take pictures of people, local Gypsies, and Romanians dressed in beautiful traditional costumes. You’ll admire stunning sunrises and have the chance to capture the real beauty of nature. In major cities, you’ll have fun shooting the street life. It will be much easier than you think as your tour guide/photographer will ease the communications between you and the local people.

Enjoy Romania Tour Map

Enjoy RomaniaTour with Daniel – 15 days

After almost 20 years of guiding around Romania tourists from many parts of the world, journalists, politicians, and regular people, Daniel Gheorghiță, Rick Steves' tour guide in Transylvania, designed the best 2-week tour of Romania. It's a tour with very few compromises, which takes care of the major attractions of Romania, but at the same time is focused on the authentic life, culture, and cuisine of the locals. On this tour of Romania, you will enjoy real experiences, meet interesting people, find out many stories, legends, and local superstitions. You'll visit the famous castles when it's the best time to be there; you'll take hidden paths in remote areas, you'll have time to admire and understand the country. It's like a lesson about Romania but in a fun and pleasant way. So join Daniel and our tour and fall in love with Romania!