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Day-Tours from Bucharest

Explore Bucharest and it's surroundings

The National Savings Bank

Bucharest Airport Transfer Tour – 2 hours

Bucharest Tour-Transfer is designed for those who arrive in Bucharest for a short period of time. In just 2 hours, you get a driving tour of Bucharest, you’ll admire its architecture, large Parisian-like boulevards, you’ll stop in the Revolution Square where you’ll get more details about the anticommunist revolution from 1989, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the size of the Romanian Parliament. In the end, you’ll be taken either to the airport or your hotel.

The Central University Library, Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest Classic Tour – 4 hours

Bucharest Classic Tour is designed for those who want to visit Bucharest but don’t have enough time for this. In just 4 hours you get a driving tour of Bucharest, you’ll admire its architecture, large Parisian-like boulevards; you’ll stop in the Revolution Square where you’ll get more details about the anticommunist revolution from 1989, you’ll visit the Parliament, also known as the House of People, and the beautiful Village Museum.


Authentic Bucharest Tour – 6 hours

The Authentic Bucharest Tour allows you to discover the real face of the city with a group of up to five tourists. The tour aims to make you feel you are a local who wanders the streets of an exciting city. You are going to enjoy a ride on the subway and tramway. You’ll discover several hidden places where you’ll be the only foreigner. The most beautiful and expensive part of the city is also included in the tour. You will take a long stroll along the city's small streets and beautiful parks and admire the contrasts of Bucharest. Of course, some of the city's most famous sites will also be included. Not to mention the experience of the local cuisine.

Cycling Tour near Bucharest

Cyclingthe Wallachian Forests Tour – 4-5 hours

This half-day cycling tour will allow you to discover some of the beaten paths destinations that are equally beautiful and interesting. So while you are going to enjoy for about 4-5 hours our cycling tour, you'll be able to admire a beautiful old church covered by exquisite frescoes, you'll enjoy the tranquility of the Wallachian forests, and you are going to taste some good Romanian wines.

Peles Castle, Sinaia, Romania

Carpathian Castles Tour - 1 day

There is no doubt this is the most popular one-day tour from Bucharest. And there are many reasons for that. In just two hours of driving, you’ll reach the amazing and exotic Carpathian Mountains. The sheer rocks and impressive slender peaks are perfect to shelter the Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in the world. Cross the mountains into Transylvania and you’ll be back in time. Get to visit the famous Bran Castle, also known as Dracula Castle, and the beautiful medieval citadel of Brasov. Late in the afternoon, you’ll be back in Bucharest.

Poenari Fortress, Romania

Shades of Dracula Tour – 1 day

Dracula, or better said Vlad the Impaler, is known by the Romanians as a medieval prince and a great hero who bravely fought against the mighty Ottomans. Was he? The same Dracula is known by the foreigners as a cruel person, as a vampire thirsty for blood. Was he? Book this one day tour of Dracula and find out the reality behind the legends and propaganda. The tour starts in Bucharest and takes you to the fortress of Poienari, perched on a mountain. From here, you’ll go back to Bucharest, passing through Curtea de Arges and Targoviste, the former capital of Wallachia.

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

Greeting Bulgaria Tour – 1 day

Bucharest is located just 55km north of the Bulgarian border. Then why not adventure yourself into Bulgaria for a day? Start in the morning, pass by the city of Ruse and stop at Ivanovo for the rock-hewn churches, a stunning UNESCO sight. Continue with Veliko Tarnovo, the former medieval capital of Bulgaria, today one of Bulgaria's most important tourist destinations. Before departure, take a short stroll on the streets of Arbanasi, a traditional Bulgarian village.

Hiking in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Hiking Tour – 1 day

If you are in Bucharest and have a freed day, then book our one-day hiking tour in the Carpathian Mountains. In less than 3 hours, you’ll reach the mountains, and you’ll be ready to enjoy the superb landscape of the Carpathians. Our one-day hiking tours consider your experience, and you can book the one that fits you the most.

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