Authentic Bucharest Tour

Bucharest Evening Tour – 2 hours

Walking tour of Bucharest by evening - Maximum 10 people per group

Bucharest Evening Tour is a small group walking tour of Bucharest's most important tourist attractions. In only 2 hours, you will get a sincere and exciting introduction to the history of Bucharest and the transformations it underwent throughout the centuries. You will enjoy a pleasant stroll along the city’s famous boulevards and admire the beautiful buildings, thanks to which Bucharest became known as the Little Paris of the EastIn the old town, you will learn about the beginning of the city’s history and discover some important tourist attractions and hidden gems. In the last part of the tour, you will understand how the communist regime changed the form and look of Bucharest in an abusive and brutal manner. Also, your tour guide will offer helpful information about good restaurants, bars, public transportation, exciting museums, or travel experiences you could include in your stay in Bucharest.

Tour: shared, cultural

Walking distance: 5km / 3mi

Duration: 2h

City: Bucharest

Group size: maximum 10 people

This tour operates all year round. It starts at 7 PM in front of the Romanian Athenaeum, next to the entrance stairs.

€15 person

Highlights of the tour:

Small group

  • Always a small group
  • Friendly and relaxed guiding

Little Paris of the East

  • The Romanian Athenaeum
  • Victory Avenue
  • Bucharest old town
  • Lipscani Street
  • Stavropoleos Church
  • Manuc Inn

Communist legacy

  • The Revolution Square
  • The University Square
  • Unirii Square
  • The Palace of the Parliament

Bucharest Evening Tour

The Bucharest Evening Tour starts at 7 PM in front of the Romanian Athenaeum, next to the entrance stairs. Here, you will meet the tour guide and be presented with details about the tour. 

In the beginning, you will admire the Romanian Athenaeum, the symbol of Bucharest. It represents the Romanian National Philharmonic Hall hosting major classical music concerts and conferences every week. 

Walk to Revolution Square, where you will learn about the communist sufferings an entire nation endured. You’ll see the Memorial of Rebirth and find out how the communist regime fell in December 1989. There are many impressive buildings around Revolution Square, such as The National Art Museum, the Kretzulescu Church, the Central Library University, and several others. You’ll get explanations and lesser-known facts about every sight. 

Continue the tour by enjoying a pleasant stroll along Victory Avenue, the most famous boulevard of Bucharest flanked by imposing architectural gems.

Soon, you‘ll arrive in University Square, whose history is also connected to the anti-communist Revolution. Then, you’ll reach the oldest part of Bucharest, today a hive of bars and restaurants. 

Bucharest’s old town is trendy for its nightlife, but this is also a place where commerce, religion, and finance once led the direction of the city’s development. From here, Bucharest evolved and eventually became Romania’s capital city.  

In the old town, you will see some old but well-preserved inns, the typical merchants’ houses, and the little but so beautiful churches secluded from noisy passers-by looking for fun; Here, the tour guide will explain to you some representative and exciting aspects about the Orthodox churches, their architecture and how important the Orthodox faith is for Romanians.

Before leaving the old town, you’ll see the former Princely Court, the oldest building of Bucharest kept in its original form, and a traditional inn dating back to 1808.

In the last part of the tour, you will notice how the city changes its look from a historical Parisian-like atmosphere to a more gray and simple look. Cross the Dambovita River and step into the so-called New Civic Center, a neighborhood transformed by the communists after the Great Earthquake of 1977. Many historical buildings, worship places, and small houses were demolished to make room for the second-largest building in the world, today’s Palace of the Parliament. It has become one of the city’s landmarks since its construction and is Bucharest's most visited tourist attraction. The creation of this massive building was one of the last dreams of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. So, walk along Union Boulevard and admire the famous fountains, where people watch a synchronized show of “water dance,” music, and lights every weekend during the warm season. At the end of this boulevard, stop in Constitution Square, next to the Palace of the Parliament, where the Bucharest Evening Tour ends. 


€15 per person


  • Licensed English-speaking tour guide

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