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Covinnus Travel

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Covinnus Travel

Covinnus Travel is a tour operator based in Bucharest, Romania and founded by three friends with a common passion: travel & tourism. We all have different backgrounds and expertise, an extensive experience in operating tours, and we really love what we do, i.e showing people from around the world the wonders of Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

We believe in a better world, and travelling can build the bridges needed to change the world. We are proud of our origins and we invite you to discover our lands, cultures and people. We also believe in professionalism, respect, kindness, and of course, fun.

Covinnus tours are not standard programs. We carefully combine all the elements in a complete travel experience meant to give you a feeling of belonging to the places you visit.

Please feel free to communicate with us about any aspect of your planned trip. If you don’t like any of the programs offered on our website, that’s all right! Let us know what would you like to see and do, and we will come up with a customized itinerary created just for you. This is our job and we love it!

Our vision

To be the most trusted and reliable tour operator for Romania and Eastern Europe and to offer unforgettable travel experiences.

Our mission

We want to deliver outstanding services and expertise for our travelers from around the world.

To continuously improve the quality of our tourist programs, staying focused on the real needs and requests of our tourists.

To promote the traditions, customs and culture of Romania and other Eastern European countries, making the contact between our worldwide travelers and the locals.

Our values


It’s important for us to give everybody the feeling that when they travel or work with us it’s like being with an old friend they haven’t seen in a long time. In this way, years and years later, our tourists and colleagues will think about us with pleasure. A true friendship will involve honesty.

Stay calm and understand others

Controlling all aspects of our lives is impossible. This is why it’s important for us to keep calm and to understand the needs and requests of the people we work for and with. Only in this way we’ll be able to have happy travelers and happy colleagues.

Commitment for a life full of knowledge and fun

We know that we don’t know. In this way we’ll be open to learn new things, to discover new possibilities of resolving different tasks and requests. Add some smiles to this constant learning process and life is already much better.


We are all different, we think differently, and we look different. That’s why diversity is so important for us. We don’t care if you are black or white, African or Asian, rich or poor, religious or non-believer, straight or gay. Instead, we value kindness, empathy and respect for others, honesty, creativity and passion.

Commitment to preserve the environment

We have a deep respect for nature, we want to preserve the beauty of this world for future generations, and we like to promote ways of living in which humans develop a culture strongly connected to nature.

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Company’s Documents:

Covinnus Travel Tourism License

Tourism License

Covinnus Travel Registration Certificate

Registration Certificate

Travel Insurance 2017-2018

Travel Insurance 2017-2018

Tourism license no. 7213 issued by Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism Romania
Insurance policy no. I-45526 valid from 15.07.2017 until 14.07.2018 issued by OMNIASIG VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP S.A. Amount covered: 50.000 USD
Tourism certificate no. 20173 from 2011; holder: Marinescu Valentina
Capital: 210 RON | Commercial no. J40/7360/2014 | Company no. RO33301956
Bank: Transilvania

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Corporate Clients:

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