War in Ukraine

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War in Ukraine

How safe is it to travel to neighboring countries?

It’s already been a year since the military invasion of Russia in Ukraine started. Then, the entire world got involved by supporting and strengthening the defense of Ukraine and offering help to millions of refugees searching for shelter. 

From day one, Romanian NGOs and individuals mobilized the civil society to offer prompt support to all the Ukrainians fleeing their country to save their lives. Of course, the same prompt involvement occurred in neighboring countries such as Poland, Slovakia, and the Republic of Moldova. 

Despite the horrible situation in Ukraine, the surrounding countries' populations continued their everyday lives. There are no more COVID-19 restrictions, and people can meet again, go to their offices, and travel.  

And now, the million-dollar question: “Is it safe to travel to Romania, with the war in Ukraine? ”

Yes, it is safe to travel to Romania, despite the war in Ukraine. But, more than that, there are a few aspects worth mentioning:

  1. First, Romania is a member of NATO and has established itself as a steadfast ally of the United States and NATO. The Romanian borders are secured and guarded by NATO  armies and technology. Soldiers from different countries, such as the US, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, are proof of solidarity and unity regarding protecting NATO territories. Until now, the military conflict has only been restricted to Ukrainian territory and is unlikely to leave these borders.
  2. Since the war started, more than 5 million Ukrainian refugees have left their country, and some have settled in all EU countries. In Romania, few remained. Our country offers shelter to almost 100 000 Ukrainian refugees. The authorities and NGOs help them find a home, job, or solutions to continue their education. Therefore, there is no reason to avoid traveling to Romania because of the Ukrainian refugees. On the contrary, by traveling to Ukraine's neighboring countries, using hotel services, food facilities, restaurants, local transportation, etc., you can help these countries offer more jobs and opportunities to Ukrainian citizens. 
  3. You can read here some of the testimonies from our customers who traveled with us the past year and see how the war in Ukraine did not affect their travel experience in any way. 

In conclusion, though it is understandable for people's reluctance to travel to neighboring countries of Ukraine, this is an emotional decision. However, as mentioned above, traveling to these places is safe. Moreover, it can help refugees to find job opportunities in tourism.

Peri Monastery, Romania and the town of Teresva, Ukraine. May 20, 2022

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