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Sighisoara medieval citadel

Shooting for Raw Travel Show

Transylvania, a Fellini movie

Last week in Sighisoara, Daniel Gheorghita, a founder of Covinnus Travel and one of our excellent tour guides, enjoyed receiving the film crew from Raw Travel Show, a travel program broadcast throughout the United States and internationally.

For one day, Daniel showed Robert G. Rosie, the host of the Raw Travel show, around Sighisoara, the jewel of Transylvania, and the village of Crit, a hidden gem of rural Romania. Everything started when Robert, joined by Scott, the cameraman, and Erica, the producer, was received by the drummer of Sighisoara, who welcomed them in 52 languages. Then they were taken up into the Clock Tower for a panoramic view of the medieval citadel, a stunning UNESCO site. The tour continued around the fortified town, passing by several landmarks such as the Tinsmiths’, Shoemakers’ and Blacksmiths’ Towers, the Covered Staircase, the Church on the Hill, the Evangelical Cemetery, and of course, the Vlad Dracul House, allegedly the place where Dracula was born. It is here where they met Dracula in person. A large part of the house has transformed into a restaurant where Robert and the team enjoyed a red soup made of tomatoes and who knows, maybe something else…?

Best Romanian Traditional Drinks - Țuica

Sighisoara is not just a place full of history and amazing medieval buildings.

It’s a place with a lively present-day life, and behind the old walls of the houses, there are fascinating people.

One of them is Mark Tudose, nicknamed “the Spoonman.” He is a young woodcarver who makes and sells wooden spoons wrapped in beautiful stories.

And they couldn’t leave Sighisoara without trying the most delicious homemade desserts in Romania from Casa Cositorarului.

Served by lovely ladies in traditional Saxon costumes, they enjoyed several different sweets.

But, of course, no one wanted to leave the restaurant in the end.

Traditional Romanian souvenir

Finally, they left Sighisoara behind and headed deep into rural Transylvania. They stopped in Crit, an old and remote Saxon village, a place which looks trapped in time and where we were warmly received by the owners of  Casa cu Zorele (Morning Glory House) – Tibi, an aircraft engineer, and his wife Mihaela, a former bank manager and now probably the greatest cook in Transylvania. Robert and the rest of the crew from the Raw Travel show were delighted by the old house and its stories. And added to all of this the amazing food made by Mihaela, which no one could stop eating. Towards the end of the meal, Scott, the cameraman, went outside to see the cows returning from the pastures to their barns. He ran back, agitated and screaming: “Oh Jesus –  it’s like a Fellini movie! The cows are coming back home all by themselves!”

We’ve never thought of this, but we think Scott is right: when all is said and done, Transylvania really is like a Fellini film in so many unexpected ways.

Many thanks to Raw Travel for choosing Covinnus Travel and for placing their trust in us. It was our pleasure, and we had lots of fun together. Of course, we look forward to seeing you again very soon in Romania. We also have to thank the Mayor of Sighisoara, the Drummer of the CitadelCasa Vlad DraculMark Tudose, the lovely ladies from Casa Cositorarului, and the owners of Casa cu Zorele.

Raw Travel Host, Robert Rosie, interviewing the owners of Morning Glory Guest House

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