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Romanian Christmas Markets 2019

Location, visiting schedule and useful info

The Romanian Christmas Markets are definitely a highlight of our country during the winter season. Locals and tourists are looking forward to the great opening of the Christmas fairs.

Check out which are the Christmas Markets of Romania 2019 dates:

1. Bucharest Christmas Market 2019

Location: Bucharest, Constitution Square (“Piata Constitutiei”) 

Schedule: November 28, 2019 – December 26, 2019


2. Sibiu Christmas Market 2019

Location: Sibiu, the Large Square (“Piata Mare”)

Schedule: November 15, 2019 – January 3, 2020 (10am – 10pm)


3. Brasov Christmas Market 2019

Location: Brasov, Council Square (“Piata Sfatului”)

Schedule:  December 1, 2019 – TBA


4. Cluj Napoca Christmas Market 2019

Location: Cluj Napoca, Union Square (“Piata Unirii”)

Schedule: November 22, 2019 – December 31, 2019


5. Timisoara Christmas Market 2019

Location: Timisoara, Victory Square (“Piata Victoriei”) and Timisoara, Liberty’s Square (“Piata Libertatii”)

Schedule: December 1, 2019 – January 3, 2020


6. Oradea Christmas Market 2019

Location: Oradea, Union Square (“Piata Unirii”)

Schedule: November 29, 2019 – December 26, 2019


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  2. Multi-day tours in Romania.  Why not take your time and combine the visit of the Christmas Markets of Romania with some beautiful sites of the country? The Christmas Markets in Romania Tour or the Christmas Markets in Eastern Europe Tour should be the right choice for you.

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  1. bernyErups on Feb 6, 2022 at 4:01 pm

    The Christmas Fair in Sibiu has everything it needs: a giant Christmas tree, a cupola of light covering the centre of the square, more than 100 merchants selling Christmas goodies, a skating rink, a Ferris wheel and of course, the recreation of the nativity scene. Erected in the 15th century, the fairy-tale-like gothic castle was the residence of the governor of Transylvania, Ioan Corvin, and his son, Matias Corvin, one of the greatest kings Hungary had. After the visit to the castle, we will head to Cluj-Napoca, to see our 4th and last Romanian Christmas market.

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