Prince Charles’s guest house from Transylvania

Prince Charles’s guest house from Transylvania

Hidden toruist gems of Romania

This short video is just one of the many reasons we are keep saying that Romania begins where the asphalt ends. Of course, Prince Charles’s houses from Transylvania became very famous but magic places like this one can be spotted in many parts of Romania. It’s like you travel not just to a destination but also back in time. There is no cell phone reception in some of these places, no TV to bother you with pessimistic news or junk shows. The life here still follows the course of nature. It’s simple like that for years and years. Get up in the morning and see the proud cows going to their pastures, observe the locals going up and down on the dirt roads of the village or just admire another glorious sunrise in this forgotten world.

Different activities can be organized in these villages. Take a ride in a horse-driven carriage, breath the fresh air of a quiet forest, admire stunning landscapes, observe the rhythm of the daily life or the old traditions, visit one or two craftsmen and a forgotten wooden watermill. In the end take a picnic in the fields and then enjoy a local plum brandy made by the locals on the side of the road. You’ll never forget it!

These are just few activities you can enjoy during a tour around the glorious countryside of Romania. Don’t miss them. You can also enjoy them by booking our “Best Countryside of Romania Tour” or “The Rolling Hills of Transylvania Tour“.

Below one can see a short movie about Valea Zalanului, Zalanpatak in Hungarian, the Transylvanian village where Pince Charles comes each year to retreat in his old countryside house. For the rest of the year the whole place, administrated by Count Kalonoky, runs as a guest house. The pictures describe the beauty of the Romanian countryside.


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