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The National Military Club, Bucharest, Romania

The National Military Club

Buildings of Bucharest

The Palace of the Military Club from Bucharest is a building of the Romanian army that has a cultural role.

The drawings were done by the architect Dimitrie Maimarolu helped by V. Stephanescu and E. Doneaud. The works started in 1911 when they had to plant a foundation of poles due to the soil. In 1914 the building was almost finished.

In 1916 Bucharest was taken by the Central Powers and the Military Club suffered important damages, especially inside of it. It was repaired and inaugurated in 1923 in the presence of King Ferdinand I and Queen Marie of Romania.

The building consists of several monumental halls, The Marble Hall, The Moorish Hall, The Gothic Hall, or The Norwegian Hall. The Marble Hall is the most impressive room.

Today, the Military Circle Palace is used for art exhibitions, for cultural events, such as music concerts, or used as a library or restaurant.

The Palace of the Military Club was erected on the site of a previous Orthodox church named Sarindar. It was built by Prince Matei Basarab in 1652 and renovated during Prince Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714). At the end of the 18th century, many sick people were coming to this church to be healed by a miraculous icon. It was destroyed by the 1802 earthquake, rebuilt and damaged by the 1838 earthquake; in the end, it was demolished, and the land was given to the Romanian Army.

Address: 1 Constantin Mile Street

The National Military Club, Bucharest

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