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Sapanta Merry Cemetery, Romania

Did you know that Romania…

Interesting facts about Romania

…is the 4th largest Orthodox country in the world after Russia, Ethiopia, and Ukraine?

…is the country where Prince Nicolae Mavrogheni (18th century), instead of using horses for his carriage, had two stags with their antlers gilded? His horse, however, received many titles of nobility.

…is the country the wealthiest former athlete? He’s Ion Tiriac, a former tennis player.

…boasts the largest Parliament building in the world?

...is the place where the first act of religious tolerance was signed in 1568? It is known as the Torda Edict. Back then, the town of Torda was part of the Hungarian Kingdom.


Romanian Parliament, Bucharest

…is the country where Bela Lugosi was born in 1882? Of Hungarian origin, Mr. Lugosi agreed to play the role of Dracula in 1931.

…is the country where Johnny Weissmuller was born? He was one of the fastest swimmers in the ’20s and played the film role of Tarzan in the ’30s.

… is the country where Bram Stoker, the author of the novel Dracula, never traveled to?

…boasts the tallest statue in Europe. It’s 40m (131ft) high and represents Decebalus, the former Dacian king.

…is the first country in the world to inaugurate a commercial oil pump? It was inaugurated in 1854, two years before the first one in the United States (Tennessee).

…is the first country in continental Europe to have electric public lighting? It happened in Timisoara in 1884. The first city in Europe with electric public light was London.

…is the country where Nadia Comaneci was born? She was the first gymnast to receive a perfect 10.

…is the country where the Unitarian Church was founded in the 16th century?

…boasts the largest gold resources in Europe? There is a controversial plan to exploit the gold resources by using cyanide, but for the moment, the company hasn’t received the necessary permission to proceed.

…boasts the largest salt mine in Europe? It’s Slanic Prahova.

…has the fastest internet in Europe, and Bucharest is the European capital with the fastest average Internet connection (2014)?

…has the first European politician with more than 1 million likes on Facebook? He’s Klaus Iohannis, the Romanian president starting with 21st December 2014.

Dracula Book, cover

…boasts the most joyous cemetery in the world? It’s the Merry Cemetery located in Sapanta.

…boasts the highest cross located on the summit of a mountain? It’s the Heroes’ Cross built in the memory of Romanian soldiers who died in the Great War.

…is home to 6000 bears? They represent half of Europe’s bear population (not including  Russia).

… is the country where Prince Charles of Great Britain owns three guest houses? He comes to Romania each year.

…is the country with the first woman who became a lawyer? Her name was Sarmiza Bilcescu, and in 1890, she obtained her Ph.D. in Law from the University of Paris.

King Decebalus, The Iron Gates

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