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Brasov, Transylvania. Romania

Brasov Old Town Hall

Tourist attractions in Transylvania

Located in the right in the heart of the old section, the Town Hall is one of the main attractions of Brasov.

In 1420, the Guild of the Furriers allowed the Assembly of Burzenland County to build on top of their building a room for public meetings and trials. At the end of the 16th century, a new tower was added, which had been used as a watchtower. Some years later, the tower received a new roof with spires at each corner, a symbol of the autonomy of the town. In the same century, the prison is mentioned for the first time. The guards used to survey the entire town announcing the hours, fires, or an invasion, by blowing a trumpet, hence the Trumpet Tower name.

By the passing of time, the citadel developed economically, and new chambers were added to the original construction. At the same time, the tower had been given a clock with dials on all 4 faces. Throughout the years, the building was affected by different calamities, fires, or earthquakes, and the building suffered many modifications. A loggia was built, and the crest of the town was added above the entrance. Since 1950 it is being used as the History Museum.

Brasov, Transylvania, Romania

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