Best things to do in Iasi – Part 2

Public transportation in Iasi

Best things to do in Iasi - Part 2

Highlights of Romania - Iasi city guide

We continue our article about the Best Things to do in Iasi with a second and last part.

So far, we have explored the architectural gems of the city and discovered the spirituality of its inhabitants. Here are five more Best things to do in Iasi - Part 2.

1. Visit the Library of the Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi" 

As mentioned in the previous article, Iasi is one of Romania's most influential university centers. The over 100-year-old University Palace became a cultural and architectural symbol of the city.

Enter the palace (it’s refreshing how relaxed one can be walking the halls of a university without feeling the pressure of exams). The Library is a must as it was nominated on the BoredPanda website as one of the most majestic libraries globally. Here you’ll see the article. The Library can be visited from October to June, during the weekdays starting from 09:00 am until 03:00 pm.

Gheorghe Asachi Library, Iasi

2. Enjoy a ride by the Tram of Communism in Iasi

The hammer and the sickle represent something that all Eastern European countries have in common. Romania is no exception. It has been a communist country for almost 45 years, and like it or not, the vestiges of that era are still visible in many cities.

Learn more about the communist regime and its legacy on the “board” of a 1950s tram in an unconventional way. 

During the Tram of Communism ride, travelers will be guided (in Romanian and English) along a specific route and discover urban legends and stories sometimes funny, other times sad about life in Iasi during the communist times. 

So, a ride on the Tram of Communism should be on your list with “Best things to do in Iasi.”

The tram of communism operating schedule:

  • From March to November, on Saturdays at 10:00 am.
  • Price: 20 RON / person (to be paid cash before departure)
  • Duration: approx. 2 hours

For more information, you can access their web page here

Old Tram in Iasi

3. Jewish heritage in Iasi

Iasi used to have an essential Jewish community starting with the Medieval Age. Traces of their culture and important towers are part of the heritage of Iasi: 

  • Visit the Pogrom Museum (part of the House of the Museums)
  • Visi the Great Synagogue, the oldest one in Romania dating from 1671

4. Stroll along Stefan cel Mare Boulevard

Recently turned into a pedestrian street, Stefan cel Mare Boulevard is where any traveler in Iasi gets to. Along this route, one can admire some of the most important tourist attractions of the city, shop for souvenirs from different artisans, and try the local cuisine. This is also one of the places where the local authorities organize the Christmas Market during December.

Iasi Great Synagogue

5. Eat, Pray, Love… Drink

Winemaking tradition is another essential feature of Iasi. The region of Moldavia is famous for the wine produced here.

Although there are large wineries with a long tradition, such as Cotnari, travelers can also try the smaller wineries that are owned by young entrepreneurs: Hermeziu, Bucium, Gamma, Strunga and so on.

Moldavian wine

Tours from Iasi

While in Iasi, you also have the option to explore another beautiful region of Romania, Bucovina. You can choose day-tours from Iasi to visit the painted monasteries or take a longer tour for a more complete understanding of this region. You can read a brief history of Bucovina on our travel blog here.

Also, feast your eyes with the beautiful pictures of the Sucevita painted convent, UNESCO Monument here.

We reached the end of our list with The Best Things to do in Iasi. We hope we caught your interest and you'll give a chance to this unspoiled travel destination of Romania.

Sucevita Monastery

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