Romania is a fascinating country. It is one of the few countries in Europe where you can still admire ancient rural settlements preserving authentic traditions in a superb natural setting. It should not be missing from the list of destinations to visit in a lifetime for any seasoned traveler. The country is crossed by the Carpathians, hosting large areas of wilderness and untouched beauty. It is also home for the famous Danube Delta - a unique area in the world - a true world treasure of flora and fauna. The history of Romania is rich and turbulent, reflected in the many UNESCO monuments that are found throughout the country. We invite you to discover Transylvania with the famous medieval castles and fortified churches, Moldavia with the beautifully painted monasteries as well as Maramures with its magnificent villages, customs and people.

And the best way to explore this part of the world is to book a small-group tour led by an expert local guide. During the last years, Covinnus Travel has been running shared and private trips for individuals and groups throughout Romania as well as combined tours around Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. With our experienced and friendly tour leaders, you will not only put a checkmark on the most exciting attractions in Romania. You will experience hands-on activities and immerse yourself in local life to understand millennial traditions and practices. Our tours of Romania usually start from Bucharest. You can also begin from Brasov, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, or Timisoara.

Below are just some sample itineraries for tours we have already done. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements, and we will do our best to put together the dream tour four you.

Transylvania Escape Tour

2-day tour

The Transylvania Escape Tour was created for travelers who come to Romania for a shorter period. In only two days you will discover some of the most known tourist sites in the country, most of which are located in the wonderful area of Transylvania. At the same time, we will show you the life in an isolated village nearby Sighisoara. Thus, you can experience both the tourist spots and the original countryside of Transylvania.

Danube Delta Escape Tour

2-day tour

Let us take you to one of the most exotic areas in Europe. During this two-day tour, you’ll make an excursion to a world of forests jutting out from the water, you’ll see hundreds of bird species, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by this breathtaking and almost surreal landscape. The tour of the Danube Delta includes accommodation in a traditional village where people still live as they used to do it more than 100 years ago.

The Rolling Hills of Transylvania

5-day tour

The Rolling Hills of Transylvania Tour gives you the chance to discover this outstanding area in just five days. You’ll get to know more about the original castle of Vlad The Impaler (known as Dracula) in Poenari, to explore the gorgeous medieval towns of Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov, to visit the majestic castle in Bran and the magnificent estate of Peles. To all these, add great landscapes, divine meals, and accommodation to suit the tour.

Towns and Villages of Transylvania Tour

Towns and Villages of Transylvania

6-day tour

Dive into the fantastic realm of Transylvania and admire the remote villages and the daily rural life. Visit the old towns of Transylvania, such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Brasov. The trip begins in Bucharest, where you’ll spend the first night. For the rest of the tour, besides Sibiu, you’ll experience several stunning traditional lodging in wonderful villages. The Towns and Villages of Transylvania Tour is a diversified tour of Romania.

Christmas Markets in Romania

6-day tour

This trip follows the Christmas Markets in Romania in November and December.  Begin your winter adventure in Bucharest; learn about the story of the town and explore the Christmas Market in the center. Continue to the Transylvania and visit Brasov, a typical medieval city founded by the Saxons in the 13th century. Visit the city and its popular Christmas Fair in the Council Square. The last town you will see is Sibiu, boasting each year the most beautiful Christmas Market in Romania.

Treasures of Romania Tour

Treasures of Romania

9-day tour

Treasures of Romania Tour was designed for people who want to visit the most famous tourist sites of Romania in a limited time. Within 9 days only, this shared small-group tour of Romania will offer the chance to visit cities like Bucharest or Cluj Napoca, medieval citadels of Transylvania such as Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov, rural areas from Maramures and Bucovina, Hungarian villages, the castles of Bran or Peles, UNESCO sites and many other memorable places.

Transylvania Biking Tour

Transylvania Biking Tour

9-day tour

Proclaimed by Lonely Planet as one of the most beautiful travel destinations, Transylvania (“the land beyond the forest”) is one of the most beloved regions of Romania and home to a magnificent, unspoiled landscape boasting imposing medieval castles and elegant palaces, Saxon fortified churches and crumbling ruins. This tour is more than biking. It is your chance to immerse yourself in a landscape and way of life that is best enjoyed at a gentle pace. You will be introduced to the tumultuous history of Saxon Transylvania and you will have the chance to meet the locals.

Christmas Markets Eastern Europe Tour

Christmas Markets In Eastern Europe

9-day tour

This tour follows the Christmas Markets organized in Eastern Europe in November and December. You will visit two countries: Hungary and Romania. Start the journey with Budapest, capital of Hungary. Discover the story of the city and explore the charming Christmas Market from the city center. Continue to Romania and admire the stunning mountain scenery and the picturesque villages, meet warm and hospitable people, taste the local food, visit medieval citadels, impressive castles, and beautiful cities and explore the Christmas Markets from Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov, and Bucharest.

Treasures of Romania and Hungary Tour

Treasures of Romania and Hungary

10-day tour

“Treasures of Romania and Hungary Tour” shows you in only ten days two of the most impressive countries in Eastern Europe: Romania and Hungary. It starts in the lively city of Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, then it crosses the Carpathian Mountains into the colorful Transylvania where you’ll find lost villages, well-preserved medieval towns, and old legends. On the way, you’ll experience the rural life of Maramures, while in Hungary you’ll discover famous wine areas, admire the Baroque town of Eger and the majestic city of Budapest.

Dracula Tour

Dracula Tour

10-day tour

Dracula Tour is built on the history and the legends around Dracula, the notorious character of Bram Stoker. The itinerary was designed for those who are interested in history, culture, myths, but who, at the same time, still know how to celebrate and enjoy life. The trip starts in Bucharest, a city first mentioned in a written document by Dracula himself (Vlad the Impaler). Heading to Transylvania, you’ll reach the real fortress of Vlad the Impaler and then, passing through Sibiu you’ll see many other attractions related to him such as Corvin Castle, the medieval town of Sighisoara, his birthplace, the Borgo Pass or the Bran Castle.

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria Tour

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria

11-day tour

This tour of Romania and Bulgaria takes you in just 11 days in two important countries of the Balkans. Romania and Bulgaria, part of East Europe, have many things in common, but at the same time, each country has its unique character. Along the trip, you will explore two capitals, Bucharest and Sofia, two different languages, significant historical areas such as Transylvania or Maramures, beautiful medieval cities such as Sibiu, Sighisoara, Veliko Tarnovo or Plovdiv, and many other brilliant tourist landmarks.

The Countryside of Romania

12-day tour

There is no doubt Romania starts where the asphalt ends. The “Romania Countryside Tour” shows you the most remote areas of the country where life looks like frozen in time, where cars must avoid the cows strolling on the road, where the locals will be happy to have you as a special guest and friend. This trip of Romania starts in Bucharest and then continues in all other amazing rural areas from Transylvania, Maramures, or Bucovina. To all these, add several famous tourist destinations of Romania part of any other tour.

Bucharest-Ljubljana Tour

12-day tour

The trip from Bucharest to Ljubljana travels across three countries, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia. It takes you from the fascinating Carpathians to the imposing Alps, from the colorful city of Bucharest to the impressive old town of Ljubljana. Along the way, you’ll experience the local atmosphere and cuisine, the historical towns of Sighisoara or Sibiu, the elegant Hungarian city of Pecs, and the famous Lake Bled and Postojna Cave in Slovenia.

Romania Photo Tour

Romania Photo Tour

14-day tour

Our photo trip aims at covering as many photo spots as possible. It will take you through famous tourist attractions of Romania such as Peles and Bran castles, but it will also take you to remote villages where tourists are rarely seen. You’ll take pictures of people, local Gypsies and Romanians dressed in beautiful traditional costumes. You’ll admire stunning sunrises and have the chance to capture the unique beauty of nature. It is going to be much easier than you think, as your tour guide/photographer will ease the communications between you and the local people.

Romania in Depth Tour

15-day tour

This tour of Romania takes you from the peaks of the Carpathians to the wetlands of the Danube Delta. It was created for slow travel fans. In 15 days, this private trip of Romania will offer the chance to visit memorable cities like Bucharest or Cluj Napoca, historical towns of Transylvania such as Sibiu, Sighisoara or Brasov, rural areas from Maramures and Bucovina, Hungarian villages, the famous castles of Bran and Peles, UNESCO Heritage sites and the unique Danube Delta.

Tours of Romania Feedback and Reviews:

The Real Romania!

"An endlessly fascinating country with the perfect guide. My solo tour with Daniel was some of the best travelling I've ever done - flexible, fun and always interesting, with some of the last medieval landscapes in Europe, wonderfully varied architecture, and did I mention great food? Daniel is wonderful - as well as being a great guide, he becomes a friend and great travel companion very quickly. I can't think of any better person to show you this extraordinary country and its people - truly the real Romania! Please contact me for any questions you may have, but Daniel and Covinnus are truly a five-star operation who know how to treat their clients."

Michael, Philadelphia, USA

Romania - The best kept secret.

"If you are looking for quality service, a comprehensive and diverse tour, and a beautiful country with history, architecture, art, mountains, a beautiful countryside, great food and another secret - great must visit Romania and use Covinnus Travel. Thank you Covinnus for an unforgettable vacation!"

Debra, Miami, Florida, USA

Romania 10 Day Dracula Tour

"My wife was hesitant on this tour due to the name. We have traveled to several countries and have seen some great country and history but this tour really delivers on beauty of the Transylvania countryside and History. Our guide Andrei not only looked after us but was very knowledgeable of all the areas we visited. The Castles and fortresses were magnificent. I know people have different tastes in what they like to see but in all of our travels this rates as the best vacation travel package we have ever taken. The memories will stay with us the rest of our lives. Andrei became like a family member on this trip and and it was emotional and sad to have to say goodbye to him at the end. I highly recommend this package to those who want to see the beauty of Romania's Transylvania area."

Ben from Dallas, Texas, USA

Discover Wonderful Romania

"We just returned from a ten day trip covering parts of Transylvania, Moldova and Walachia.
Romania has a large variety of enchanting sites and places. Fantastic scenery, lovely old towns,
rural and city delights and, of course, castles.. Our plans were made with Covinnus Travel and everything from A to Z worked out beautifully. Our guide, Alex, was the best ever. Knowledgeable, helpful, flexible and excellent driver. Dan, the managing partner of the Travel Agency, laid out thetrip so we would see as much as possible. We had special requests which Alex met withenthusiasm. Absolutely great trip. Recommend Covinnus Travel when you plan to visit this lovely country."

Customer from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA