Eastern Europe should not be missing from the list of destinations to visit in a lifetime for any seasoned traveler. And the best way to discover this part of the world is to book a small-group quality tour led by an expert local guide. During the last years, Covinnus Travel has been running shared and private trips for individuals and groups throughout Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, and Croatia.

With our experienced and friendly tour leaders, you will not only put a checkmark on the most exciting attractions in East Europe. You will experience hands-on activities and immerse yourself in local life to understand millennial traditions and practices. Our Eastern Europe Tours usually start from Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prague, Dubrovnik or Warsaw.

Below are just some sample itineraries of tours we have already done. Feel free to contact us with your specific requirements, and we will do our best to put together the dream tour four you.

Christmas Markets In Eastern Europe

9-day tour

Tour the Eastern Europe Christmas Markets in the months of November and December. You will explore 2 countries: Hungary and Romania. Start the tour with Budapest, capital of Hungary. Unveil the story of the magnificent city and delve into the charming Christmas Market open in the city center. Continue to Romania and marvel at the stunning mountain scenery and the colorful villages, meet warm and hospitable people, taste the local food, visit medieval fortifications, imposing castles and beautiful cities and explore the Christmas Markets from Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Brasov and Bucharest.

Treasures of Romania and Hungary

10-day tour

Let us show you in just 10 days two of the most interesting countries in Eastern Europe: Romania and Hungary. Our trip starts in the lively city of Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, then it crosses the Carpathian into the exotic Transylvania where you’ll discover lost villages, original medieval towns and old legends. On your way, you’ll experience the bucolic life of Maramures, while in Hungary you’ll discover acclaimed wine areas, admire the Baroque town of Eger and the magnificent city of Budapest.

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria

11-day tour

Treasures of Romania and Bulgaria Tour takes you in just 11 days in two attractive countries of the Balkans. Romania and Bulgaria, part of Eastern Europe, have many things in common but at the same time have their exclusive features. On this tour, you can discover two capitals, Bucharest and Sofia, two distinctive languages, great historical regions such as Transylvania or Maramures, stunning medieval towns such as Sibiu, Sighisora, Veliko Tarnovo or Plovdiv and many other brilliant tourist landmarks.

Bucharest-Ljubljana Tour

12-day tour

The tour from Bucharest to Ljubljana covers three countries, Romania, Hungary and Slovenia, takes you from the exotic Carpathian Mountains to the imposing Alps, from the lively city of Bucharest to the majestic old town of Ljubljana. On the way, you’ll experience the local cultures and cooking, the medieval towns of Sighisoara or Sibiu, the elegant Hungarian city of Pecs and the famous Lake Bled and Postojna Cave in Slovenia.

Budapest-Sofia Tour

13-day tour

The tour from Budapest to Sofia crosses three countries, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and takes you from Budapest, the romantic capital of Hungary, to the surprising city of Sofia, Bulgaria. You will discover unique cities, be pampered in the famous thermal baths from Budapest, taste the delicious local food, admire the Danube river and the Carpathian Mountains, experience the rural life in villages of Transylvania, get in touch with the locals, visit UNESCO Monuments, listen to old legends about medieval castles and cities, and hear about how life used to be behind the Iron Curtain.

Eastern Europe Tours Feedback and Reviews:

Best Guide Ever!

“I’ve travelled to 34 countries, and Daniel is the best guide I’ve ever had anywhere. Photography is a serious hobby, and Daniel was able to get me to the right locations at the right times, which it is a rare skill. Meanwhile, he was still able to make the trip very enjoyable for my wife and 8-year-old daughter. He’s extremely knowledgeable as well as funny.”

Customer from Princetown, New Jersey

Exceptional Tour of Romania and Hungary

“Treasures of Romania and Hungary is a great tour. We saw beautiful areas from the Carpathian Mountains to the Hungarian Plain, visiting cities, castles, amazing wooden churches, fortifications, small cities and tiny villages along the way. What a wonderful experience we had learning about the history and culture of these countries from our very knowledgeable and engaging guide”

Treasures of Bulgaria & Romania!

“Great tour! Only about 3 days of this tour are in Bulgaria, but you see some truly fantastic places and the major, not-to-be missed historic cities (Sofia, Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo). The rest of the time was spent visiting Romania, and allowed for a truly immersive experience as it included a mix of the popular “Dracula” sites, important historic cities and most impressively, visit into and through the small villages to get a glimpse of “traditional’ living.”

Customer from Ottawa, Canada

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