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What does the tariff include?

It depends on the tour. If there is just a day-tour then the tariff includes pick-up/drop-off from and to your location in Bucharest, entrance fees, any costs related to transportation and taxes.  If there is a longer tour then it includes accommodation as per program and breakfast for each day. Lunches and dinners are not included unless mentioned otherwise.

What type of accommodation is included?

For many, a hotel is a place just for one night but many times we try to make from these places tourist destinations by themselves. Each time we try to pick up unique accommodations, not necessary expensive, but full of character, good service, clean, quiet, located in the central part of the cities or in stunning areas such as remote villages or natural parks. Most of the time for big cities we use 4 or 5-star hotels while in the countryside we use guest houses where our travelers can observe the real life of the locals, interact with them, learn about their traditions, customs, food, music and many others. All our accommodations offer private bathrooms unless clearly specified otherwise. Some of the accommodations might require climbing of stairs, generally no more than 1 or two floors, so please let us know if this might be a major problem for you.

How do I book and pay?

Please contact us and let us know what tour do you want to book, the date, number of persons in the group and other special information you think we need to know. For all our tours we require a non-refundable deposit of 20% unless specified otherwise.

The payment can be done by card, bank transfer or PayPal. For the payment of the deposit you’ll get from us a secured payment link through euplatesc.ro. As soon as the payment is done you’ll get from us a confirmation email for your booking. For payments by card we accept only Visa and MasterCard.

How much does a meal cost in a Romanian restaurant?

It might vary a lot but an average meal should be no more than €12-15 per person. Expect higher prices in restaurants located in the center of big cities and smaller prices in less touristy places or in the countryside.

Is Romania on Euro currency?

No, Romania hasn't adopted the Euro yet. The Romanian currency is Leu, Lei for plural (RON is just the bank symbol for Leu). Euros and US dollars might be accepted by hotels, tour companies and street vendors but otherwise most of the suppliers such as restaurants, stores, i.g.,  will ask for the local currency.

None of the surrounding neighbors of Romania has adopted Euro yet.

How much is tipping in Romania and other Eastern European countries?

Tips are not mandatory but for good services a 10% tip is expected.

What’s the best time to visit Romania and the surrounding countries?

It’s hard to answer this. Summer would be a wrong time if you want to sky. Regarding weather conditions then the period between April and October would be very good. Expect hot days for July and August and very cold days between December and February. If you want to enjoy a less crowded period then March and November would be perfect. You might enjoy stunning places just for you during these months.

Are the departures for the shared tours guaranteed?

If you received a confirmation email for one of our shared tours then we will guaranty the departure. That tour won’t be canceled.

Can I extend my shared tour?

Yes, you can get an extension as a private tour.

What type of clothes should I bring?

It’s a vacation, therefore we suggest you casual clothes. For religious sites visitors are required to wear decent clothes. For restaurants casual is just fine.

What does Covinnus stand for?

In Latin it means “travel cart”.

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