6 Best Christmas Markets in Romania 2017

6 Best Christmas Markets in Romania 2017

Everything you need to know about the Christmas Markets in Romania

Winter has always been very special in our country and much anticipated by all Romanians, regardless their age. We treat the winter holidays and Christmas very seriously and faithfully respect all the traditions related to them. But in addition to the old traditions, the great food, the typical drinks and the numerous carols, winter has become even more exciting thanks to the Christmas Markets in Romania.


Typical winter sight in Romania

These markets originated in Germany, but they are now organized in many other countries, including Romania. Traditionally held in the town square, the market has food, drink and seasonal items from open-air stalls accompanied by traditional singing and dancing.

The first Romanian Christmas Market

The first Christmas Market in Romania took place in 2007, in Sibiu, when the city became the European Capital of Culture. It was actually a pilot project, inspired from the Viennese Christmas Market, as the tradition of this type of events did not yet exist in our country. Thanks to its huge success, the local authorities decided to start a new tradition in their city and organize a Christmas Market every year. Their example was followed later by other Romanian cities, and now the Christmas Markets have become one of the most popular attractions in our country during the winter holidays.

We made a list and visited them, so that now we can tell you which are the best Christmas Markets in Romania. You can find them below:

  1. Sibiu Christmas Market
  2. Bucharest Christmas Market
  3. Brasov Christmas Market
  4. Cluj Napoca Christmas Market
  5. Timisoara Christmas Market
  6. Oradea Christmas Market

  • Sibiu Christmas Market

Location: Sibiu, the Large Square (“Piata Mare”)

Schedule: November 17, 2017 – January 3, 2018 (10am – 10pm)

Sibiu is perhaps the most beautiful city in Romania, located in the historical region of Transylvania. Besides its numerous tourist attractions and rich cultural life, Sibiu also boasts the most beautiful Christmas Market in Romania, appreciated even abroad. In 2012 it was included in Top 15 Of the Most Beautiful Christmas Markets in Europe featured by the travel blog Tourism on the Edge.

Sibiu Christmas Market is organized in the Large Square where 90 open-air stalls are installed. Here people will find anything they want, from traditional food and sweets, to the delicious mulled wine or hot teas, from handmade items to Christmas decorations or beautiful clothes. The exhibitors are not only Romanians but also foreigners.


Sibiu Christmas Market

Since 2007, every edition has brought new attractions, such as the Santa Claus Workshop visited by more than 3,000 people, and the Park of Santa Claus, a fun park for children in the center with a carousel built specifically for this event. Also, the historical houses are beautifully “decorated” with light projections and visitors are entertained with lots of live concerts.

In 2017, the Sibiu Christmas Market will open its gates a bit earlier, on December 17, and can be visited every day from 10 am to 10 pm until January 3, 2018.

Check out our Complete City Guide of Sibiu for more tips about how to make the most of your visit to this most beautiful city in Romania.

  • Bucharest Christmas Market

Location: Bucharest, Constitution Square (“Piata Constitutiei”) and Bucharest, University Square (“Piata Universitatii”)

Schedule: December 1, 2017 – December 27, 2017

Winter in Bucharest can be very special. Besides the Christmas Market, there are plenty of traditional fairs  and expositions taking place at the Village Museum or the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant.

Being already in its 6th edition, the Bucharest Christmas Market will again take place in Constitution Square. It will begin on December 1st, the National Day of Romania, and stay open until  December 27th  . The fair will bring together a series of activities such as traditional crafts, gastronomic treats, music and dance performances, as well as an activity area for the little ones with an ice rink, the Santa Claus House, and the carousel.


Bucharest Christmas Market

The Bucharest Christmas Market is part of the international network of the most important Christmas fairs in Europe and each year attracts more than 200,000 visitors.

You can also visit the Christmas Fair from Universitatii Square, which is smaller, but more traditional food oriented.

Follow the official Facebook page of the Bucharest Christmas Market and find out the latest news about this event.


Winter time in Bucharest


You should also check out our article with tips about what to do in Bucharest during the winter season here.

  • Brasov Christmas Market

Location: Brasov, Council Square (“Piata Sfatului”)

Schedule:  December 7, 2017 – January 14, 2018

Christmas is quite unique in this medieval city. The Christmas Market will be organized in the Council Square, at the foothills of Tampa Mountain. Boasting one of the most beautifully decorated Christmas Tree in Romania, the fair is a great tourist attraction for both locals and tourists.  The novelty of  the 2017 edition is the presence of exhibitors coming from Austria and Germany.


Brasov Christmas Market


Do not miss visiting the beautiful Black Church, located right next to the Council Square, and go to the Christmas concert that usually takes place here.  The surroundings of Brasov are also worth visiting. Places like Bran castle, Prejmer fortified church and Peles castle are just a couple of objectives that should be on your list.


Winter time at Peles castle

For more travel ideas in and around Brasov, check out our Complete city guide of Brasov.

  • Cluj Napoca Christmas Market

Location: Cluj Napoca, Union Square (“Piata Unirii”)

Schedule: November 24, 2017 – December 30, 2017

Chosen as the European Capital of Youth in 2015, Cluj Napoca is one of the most beautiful cities of Transylvania. Located right in the heart of the region, the city enjoys a complex and diverse culture thsnks to the Hungarian and German communities living here.

That is why Cluj Napoca’s Christmas Market promises to be very special  – indeed, diversity being probably the best way to describe it. It will take place in the old town, next to Saint Michael’s Cathedral in Union Square. For more than a month, people visiting Cluj Napoca will be able to taste delicious local dishes, drink the popular mulled wine, and buy lots of gifts for their loved ones: toys, handmade jewels, Christmas ornaments, or warm clothing items.

What is new about the 2017 edition is the ice rink which will be built right in the Union Square, surrounding the iconic statue of Mattias Corvinus.

Here, you will find the latest news about the concerts and surprises that the organizers have prepared for visitors.

  • Timisoara Christmas Market

Location: Timisoara, Victory Square (“Piata Victoriei”) and Timisoara, Liberty’s Square (“Piata Libertatii”)

Schedule: December 1, 2017 – January 8, 2018

The most important city located in Western Romania, Timisoara will organize two Christmas Fairs this year: the large one will take place in Victory Square and a smaller one organized in Liberty’s Square.

The National Day of Romania will be also the official day of the inauguration of the Timisoara’s Christmas Fair. Many concerts and cultural events are already planned so you should definitely pay a visit to the city on that day.

Apparently, this year the Christmas Market will have a more traditional approach and the visitors will find at the open-air stalls many handmade crafts and local, fresh food. Kids will also enjoy lots of attention as Santa Claus will also be visiting.

  • Oradea Christmas Market

Location: Oradea, Union Square (“Piata Unirii”)

Schedule: November 30, 2017 – December 31, 2017

Presenting its 3rd edition, the Oradea Christmas Market will bring the magic of winter holidays in a fairytale landscape. Around the Christmas tree filled with thousands of lights, many artists are expected to perform, among which Boney M will be the big surprise.  (Who??? J)

For the visitors, there will be also a gigantic Ferris wheel that will lift them above the city to see the magical projections on buildings, the open-air stalls, the Christmas tree, and the skating rink.


Smaller Christmas Markets also take place in other Romanian cities. Even though they are not as big as those organized in the larger cities, they enjoy great popularity with the locals and with travelers.

If you are visiting our country during the winter months, a stop at one of the Christmas Markets is a must.  Do not forget to include some other sights to be found in the surroundings of the cities where the fairs are being held. We guarantee you a pleasant surprise.

If it is difficult to decide your itinerary, you can join our 6-day Christmas Markets in Romania Tour, relax and let us handle  everything.


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